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The signup is over - maybe?

Today is April 1, 2014 and yesterday was the last day to sign up for the Affordable Healthcare Act. Beginning today the law says that you will be penalized for not having health insurance coverage that meets the minimums in Obamacare. Of course that could change any day, hour, minute because of political pressure on the Obama Administration from a variety of groups. Last week President Obama indicated that if you had started the enrollment process but not completed it you would not be fine. Given the issues with the website over the weekend some individuals were not even able to start the process. Where do they fit?

Last minute decisions
Last minute decisions
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Signing up and avoiding the penalty
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Primary statistics for the enrollment in the Affordable Healthcare Act indicate that the original target of 7,000,000 enrollments may have actually happened. But there are several other statistics that will impact the success of Obamacare. They include; percent of uninsured individuals who did not sign up, the number of young and/or healthy individuals vs. the older and/or unhealthy, the number of people who have signed up but did not pay their premium, and when a child comes off his/her insurance at age 26 how long will they have to become enrolled before being subject to penalties. There may be answers to these question but at this time the Obama Administration has indicated they do not know those answers. They continue to ask us to blunder along in the dark as they fumble about in a fog.

The principles behind the Affordable Healthcare Act are progressive, honorable, and needed. It is the implementation of the details that have been the detraction. In the next few weeks the statistics regarding enrollments will become facts as opposed to speculation. There will be more unintended consequences in the future, but the Obama Administration will be gone from the White House. President Obama blamed George W. Bush for the war in Iraq and for the financial breakdown just before he took office. Obama will care the implementation issues of the Affordable Healthcare Act and its many issues into the history books .