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The signs are right in front of your face if you are willing to see them

The signs are right in front of your face if you are willing to see them

Sometimes you are so busy weighing the conditions you forget to make the decision, other times you come speeding shotgun right up to the fork in the road and stop dead. The signs will be right in front of your nose, seriously. They manifest in your body, family, and at work. Below is a small list of the most common signs that seem to be right in from of most people. Hopefully you will find them helpful:

1. This one is a very big one and often in plain sight to those around you, but often to the one it is happening to, they are the last ones to know. Are the doors of opportunity closing on you? Maybe the clients are drying up, the fool-proof strategies that always worked before just aren’t pulling their weight right now.

2. Do you feel like it needs to change? Change shows up symbolically in many different ways around you, most commonly in your dreams, are you buying a new baby, a new house, or you may have already made the change, and more is yet to come. Your soul guides play show and tell with you, short of waving a checkered flag in your face, that times they are a changing.

3. Here comes the pain again, falling on my head like a memory, in your knees, sciatica or lower back pain.

4. A sparkling opportunity presents itself, out of nowhere, and there is just no way you could have done this all on your own. Short of a sledgehammer to the side of the head, this clue is the most powerful. Follow your soul’s doing(remember your soul is your highest part of you), and be abundantly rewarded.

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