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The significance of the palms and the cross

A beautiful picture of the significance of Palm Sunday Leading to the cross of Jesus The Christ
Photo taken by Verinda Birdsong

I found this lovely palm cross in a grocery store this weekend and was struck by its beauty. Normally, in celebration of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem a week before His death on the cross of Calvary (Read passages in Matthew 21:1-3-11; Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-44, and John 12:12-19), people at churches all over the Christian world give out palms to remember and some, to reenact His Kingly processional to Jerusalem. Jerusalem, the holy city for Jewish people and Christians alike, was during that time preparing for the great passover feast, a celebration commemorating God's deliverance from Egyptian bondage (Read Exodus chapters 12 to read about the First Passover; also Read Exodus 13-15 to hear God's story of deliverance for the Israel people).

Jesus, the Son of God was to become the "Passover" for the people, and not just Jewish people, but "all nations" would be able to be restored to right fellowship with their Creator God through Jesus' death and shed blood on the cross. The people at that time were looking for a king to save them from Roman slavery; God's plan was to save them from death, sin and eternal separation from Him. Jesus, was and is the Lamb of God that takes away our sin.

This is the significance of the triumphal entry of Jesus' and the people celebrating Him, though they were motivated by other hopes, Jesus' knew He was headed for a cross - the cross of Calvary where He would become the Deliverer, The Savior to "save His people from their sins". His blood, greater than the blood of a goat or lamb used for the covering of sin, would now be a one-time act sacrifice for all who believe in His name. Yes...the people were shouting "Hosanna, Hosanna" which in Hebrew I understand means, "save us". Hmmm....Yes, God wanted to save them and us....through His Son's (Jesus Christ) shed blood.

Read the story. There are many significant points in the biblical text of King Jesus riding on a donkey as was the norm of kings to do during those times - to ride on a donkey or a horse through a city. The people were praising Him and throwing their coats on the ground. But a few days later, Jesus would hear in His ears, not a praise...but a "Crucify Him". To kill Him. What a difference a day can make! But it was all a part of God's wondrous plan to save mankind once and for all. To save mankind from itself by sending His "only begotten Son" who is Jesus and no one else to be the sacrifice to "pass over our sins" - if you believe Jesus and receive His sacrifice, His blood for your sins, God will save you just like He did for His people years ago.

Read this story and believe.

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