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The significance of a title


You can tell a great deal about the status of your relationship based on the title a man gives you. Think about how you would let others know your man is off limits. You claim him, right? You state that man is your man and he is not available to any other interested parties. Like a woman, a man will lay claim to his territory. He will want everyone to know what is his. You will never have to ask the dreaded, “What are we?” if you pay attention to the way in which a man introduces you to others.

If you are being introduced as my friend, my dear friend, my awesome friend, one cool chick, the coolest girl I know, or with no title at all, “This is ______,” you have a man that is not completely involved in your relationship. He is still shopping around. He’s got you on rental—he’ll put you back on the shelf if he finds another item that catches his eye. The man who is only renting feels no loyalty to you. He is not thinking long-term, he’s thinking right-now. Other than a bruised ego, he would not care much if you called things off because his heart is not in it.

On the other hand, if you are introduced as my wife, my fiancé, my girlfriend, my woman, my lady, my girl, or some variation of this, you have a man who places importance on your relationship. He is making it known that you belong to him. This is a man who is not renting; he’s buying. This is a man who is involved in the relationship.

Now, there will always be those men who are never content with what they have, and even when they buy, they continue to look for other “deals.” This man will claim you for himself because he realizes you are a “great buy” and so he won’t want anyone else to have you. This is a fox, and he’s got a silver tongue if he’s smart enough to be introducing you with an important title. So be smarter, ladies. As I’ve advised before, listen with an attentive ear and a discerning heart. If his actions don’t line up with his words, you’ve got a fox in your hen house, and it’s time to chase him out.

If you want to know how a guy feels about you, pay attention when he introduces you to his friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances. If he doesn’t proclaim you, he’s not really with you.

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