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'The Shunning'

"You will speak to me with respect." Said the man who betrayed her trust. "You are not my father," devulges Katie. And an astonishing surprise comes after her real birth mother wants only to gaze upon her daughter, her own child. They took the daughter away from her own kind, and now come a day of reckoning. "I'm Katrine Mayfield?" English by birth and Amish by adoption. "Why didn't you tell me?" Benjamin, her new husband-to-be does not know about Katie English and not Amish. "They kept it a secret my whole life." How is that supposed to be good? The question about how we choose to live receives some rewarded double-play. You see, Katie was adopted, and her adoptive parents lied to her. The lie does destroy her whole known future, as because she finds out just before her wedding that she is English and not a born Amish girl. This apprehends her marriage to her beloved, betrothed, and nearly destroys her soul after prevented from embracing her birth mother who comes to apologize for the adoptive parents just carrying that female infant out of the hospital without legal papers or papers of any kind.

"As she wonders what could have been and starts separating herself from her community's strict religious customs, the town turns their backs on her just when she needs them the most."
Enchanted Serenity Period Films

"I want to dress just like you are wearing, just like this," seems more like what she was born to do. And Katie wearing an outfit straight out of Cold Creek emerges from a store, comfort the engenue, as she peruses the face of her own mother at a crossroads of her very own town on the way home. At church that Sunday, during a wedding of such simple vow as she beholds the eyes of her own small sons, astonished during a few moments of revelation as the two about wed, that she the adopted about to adopt them, afraid to repeat the pattern, runs from the church after she fears and tells Joseph how sorry she is that she cannot marry him. A new life away from some groups whose whole life mirrored by a reverent act of clothing and coupled by the act of matrimony to a God who often means for the community two women purposeful drift upon. "The Amish are very private people. You just have to keep knocking until someone opens up." She would have been born on June 5th, according to the daily woman described as a fancy English woman, a determined woman and a gift of unveiled information delivered. The difficult transe of deciphering a time fracture coupled with Katie & her examination of her own heart and soul due to her upcoming wedding to a widow preacher whose sons and other children, whom referred as according to tradition. But Rebecca who seems as the other German persons, perhaps she does not inhabit the same ethnic background even let alone "I don't understand why He put music in your heart and don't let you sing it." According to her best girlfriend, God called her first love home, and that she did not ever see him again, and that someone saw him last walking down the road three years hence, does not stop Katie from wondering about her true beloved despite the disappearance. The foreshadow of her upending marriage to an Amish preacher already a man of a built-in family seems to upset and Katies worries at a level of more than just her preparation to make the man a very young wife. But her fiance' approaches her completely, pressing her to repent of singing & guitar playing and song-making. He advises her to pluck out her own eye, which offends thee and to do a thing which seems too religious and harsh, and that while we are not justified by faith to commit evil ~ That of to destroy the guitar also seemed evil.

But her most free beloved instructed her of the chords whose melodies so easily upon her flowed and also made her feel guilty. "What if the music came from the heart and it is only to please God," spoke he whose gentle kiss upon soft lips made her awe and surprise to proclaim, to do that again. "Could ye ever leave?" She let her beloved know and a way of which not even she understood that she must accept the loss of Daniel, her beloved who thought dead at that young age who ran from her before their wedding day, and whose guitar she buried that day apologizing under the auspice of her new husband & his guidance and direction, which she also obeyed, until forever. However, what kind of obedience to religion robs one of a talent of playing music & of musical composition, as one may change a style of music to adore a more pure flow. Which brings us back to the finding of the adopted daughter at the beginning of the film who discovered by looking through old papers among boxes that she is not the person or the identity of who she thought she was all of her life, that and nor her mother her birth mother. "Mama, whose Laura Mayfield?"

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