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The shu uemura Calligraph:ink Collection

The Shu uemura Calligraph:ink Collection
The Shu uemura Calligraph:ink Collection

Calligraphy is the art of of decorative writing with artistic details and beautiful symbols. Shu uemura brings that elegance to their eye makeup with their all new calligraphy inspired collection. Because eye makeup is meant to be entrancing and versatile the new shu uemura Calligraph:ink liquid eye liner captures that exquisite detailing in it. The Asian calligraphy-inspired eye liner and brush design draws endless possibilities to capture the attention of the eye. By being complete versatile and above any other eyeliner on the market the new Calligraph:ink liquid eye liner is easy enough for any woman to use to achieve fun and beautiful eye makeup.

The shu uemura Calligraph:ink Collection

What makes this collection stellar is that you can also purchase five new pressed eye shadows that are designed to enhance the black ink. Not to be ignored in a complete eye look shu uemura also presents two new sets of innovative paper eyelashes

inspired by love that were designed exclusively by PAPERSELF who invented the paper eyelashes back in 2010.

All together in the shu uemura Calligrah:ink Collection you will find:

Calligraph: ink liquid eyeliner refillable applicator in black

Calligraph: ink liquid eyeliner cartridge (sold separate)

Calligraph:inc pressed eye shadow:

S Light Beige 815

G Beige 821

S Medium Brown 853

S Dark Brown 884

ME Vermillion 252

Calligraph:ink Blossom Collection Paper Lashes:

cupid angel paper lashes

love lasts forever paper lashes

Prices for the shu uemura Calligraph:ink Collection is $15 for the pressed powder, $20 for the eyeliner, $15 for the refill cartridge and $30 for the paper lashes. The shu uemura Calligraph:ink Collection can be purchased online at shu uemura or in stores at shu uemura retailers like Target.

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