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The Shower Speaker

The Shower Speaker
The Shower Speaker
The Shower Speaker via Ginae

If there is anything lacking in the shower, it's a mini-disco. Seriously. Since we're going to be singing in there anyway and let's face it, the acoustics are perfect for it, why not have a speaker and some awesome lighting?

Enter the Shower Speaker. Shower Speaker is the brainchild of founder and CEO Anthony Rumeo. What began two years ago is finally in the funding stage of development.

Normally, one would try to attach a disco ball and some high-tech sounding implements, only to be short-circuited and well, all wet. Sorry!

However, the Shower Speaker was designed to help you get down while you're in there! It has studio quality sound and LED light sensors, which change colors as the water temperature changes. Sweet!

Granted, your National Products reviewer has not had the opportunity to peruse this item. Yet. However, based on the online literature that is available, we'd just as soon try out this thing than not!

It has to be sweet!

Just imagine belting out some Donna Summer as multicolored lights surround and envelope. "I love to love me, baby!" Isn't that how that song goes?

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