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The SHOT Show - Day 2

Now this was an interesting day. I started out by getting lost again in the hotel trying to find the shuttle. I never did find it, but I found the monorail so I took that over to the Sands Expo Center where the SHOT show is being held. I got off the monorail and ended up lost inside a parking garage. Finally, a stranger yelled to me "Hey, are you trying to get to the SHOT show?" (Apparently I had that "SHOT Show" look about me.) I said yes and he said "Follow me. I'll take you there." Thank God for Good Samaritans in strange lands. So a special thank you goes out to that helpful man from Atlantic Firearms of Maryland who saved me from a certain mugging and possible death in an alleyway.

I made it to the show and hooked up with Mark Walters from Armed American Radio again. We visited Massad Ayoob and it was good to see him again. Then I finally got the treat of my life when Tim Schmidt, the Founder of the United States Concealed Carry Association walked up and introduced himself to me. As you know he donated ten thousand dollars to the Second Amendment March last week. I wanted to hug him, but wisely restrained myself. Tomorrow we'll be filming Tim for a promotional DVD for the march and I'm looking forward to it. I also got to meet criminal psychologist and author Dr. Bruce Eimer which was nice. (The whole time I talked to him I just got the creepy feeling that he was psychoanalyzing me. It really freaked me out.) And of course I had a good talk with author and Managing Editor of Concealed Carry magazine, the lovely and charming Kathy Jackson.

After talking to Kathy, I got a call from Tom Gresham and we met up in the Press Room. Tom was the first one to interview me about the Second Amendment March way back almost a year ago. (You might say that Tom put the march on the map.) I will always be grateful for the way he helped me out. The man is a legend in the industry, and it was good to finally meet him in person. He is a true southern gentleman and all I thought he would be. Thanks Tom.

As if that wasn't enough for one day I met up with Jeff Knox from the Neal Knox Report and Alan Korwin from Bloomfield Press. We had dinner together and they gave me some insightful advice on how to better the Second Amendment March.

Afterwards, I went to a special concert by Ted Nugent, hosted by the Otis corporation. Ted was Ted and he sang up a storm as usual. I went up to talk to him and just before reaching him my good friend, Sasha (Ted's daughter) walked up and we got caught up on old times. It was really good to see her again. We became good friends when I was the Michigan State Director for Ted Nugent United Sportsmen of America, but lost touch after she moved out of Michigan. All in all, it has been a very good day.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 3 of the SHOT Show. How can it get any better than this!


  • Vernon Jenewein 5 years ago

    HA!! Bet it's lot warmer than here (back home) in Michigan!! About 20 degrees this morning Skip. Take care, see lots of folks, Say howdy to the folks at the 68 forums site for me if you run into the, also the nice folks from Nor Cal Black Rifle Gear.

    May you have a fruitful time there.
    Your friend and neihbor (and student) back here in Michigan.


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