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The shortest era in history

When Barack 0bama was elected President in November, 2008, following the Democrat Party's capture of the House and Senate two years earlier, mainstream media pundits hailed the advent of a new liberal era in which "caring" and "compassion" would drive the political agenda for years.  Time Magazine, for one, wrote an article predicting the demise of conservatism in general and the Republican Party in particular, saying that their agenda was not a "majority agenda."

Tuesday evening, we found out just how long the 0bama era was going to last, and it wasn't long at all.  Rational people understand that the "shellacking" the Dems took was because they are actually the party without a "majority agenda," but there are still those irrational people that believe, somehow, that the party didn't stick to its extreme left agenda the way it needed to to connect with voters.

According to leading liberal delusionist and about-to-be-former Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida, this is indeed the case.  Some may remember Grayson as the representative so extreme that he spoke on the House floor claiming that the Republicans' health care plan was to have sick people "die quickly" so that no one had to pay for their care. 

Grayson is now one of those savants advising 0bama not to "appease" the Republican Party any further, because such wimpiness caused an "enthusiasm gap" that turned into a "voting gap" that doomed the party's chances.  In his case, there seems to have been an "enthusiasm chasm," because his constituents voted him out of office by a 58% to 36% margin.

That's right, big Al.  Your party's woes have nothing to do with the economy being in the toilet, an unpopular national health care bill that was, essentially, shoved down our throats, and the administration and its allies in Congress generally showing their elitist disdain for the opinion(s) of American citizens.  Here's some advice for you, Mr. Grayson - don't try to get re-elected to your former seat in 2012.


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