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The shopping list: comics to look for shipping 9.10.09


Cover art by Gilbert Hernandez

Today is new comic book day! But with so many books coming out each week, what's a comic book fan to do? Your local Examiner is here to help, with a list of the top 5 must have (or least give a look) comics hitting stands this week. What are you reading?

1. Love & Rockets: New Stories #2: The Hernandez brothers are back with another collection of brand new Love & Rockets stories. Featuring the same cast of characters that has populated the pages of the Hernandez's definitive alternative comic series for years, these new stories are meant to please old fans as well as appeal to new readers. And if you don't know who Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez are already, you can start your education right here.


Cover art by Francis Manupal

2. Adventure Comics #2: The second issue of the newly reborn Adventure Comics sees the recently resurrected Superboy trying to rekindle his relationship with, fellow Teen Titan, Wonder Girl. This issue comes fresh on the heels of the announcement that Geoff Johns and Francis Manupal will be leaving the series after issue #6, so enjoy their run while you can. Then get excited for their run on a brand new Flash series!


Cover art by Steve McNiven

3. Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus: The "Utopia" crossover between Dark Avengers and Uncanny X-Men may not have lived up to its potential, but the finale is here and it promises a climactic battle and shift in the status quo for the X-Men, leading directly into Matt Fraction's next storyline, "Nation X." "Utopia" was a blemish on an X-Men run from Fraction that has oscillated between "stellar" and "superb" (issue #512 comes to mind) over the past year, so hopefully he can leave the Dark Avengers behind and get back into the grove of delivering X-Men adventures that are a perfect blend of Claremont-era pastiche and modern style.


Cover art by Yuko Shimizu

4. The Unwritten #5: It may still be a bit premature to make a call on what the best new series of 2009 has been, but its safe to say that Mike Carey and Peter Gross' The Unwritten is a strong contender. The first story arc delivered equal helpings of mystery and meta-fiction and shows no sign of letting up on either as it moves forward. If you haven't already gotten on board, this standalone issue is the perfect opportunity to give the series a try.


Cover art by Kazu Kibuishi

5. Amulet, Vol 2.: The Stonekeeper's Curse: The second volume of Kazu Kibuishi's all-ages fantasy arrives this week, following a brother and sister's quest to find an antidote for their poisoned mother. This volume promises magic, adventure, and epic battles. Perfect for those wondering what to read after they've finished Bone.


  • William Dunigan 5 years ago

    Just a word of so about my latest published book, which is a book that is enjoyable for both Children and adults alike.
    Warm Regards
    William Dunigan

    (On my book that will be coming out in the next few days: Off to visit the Prophet Elijah. We'll be riding out on the final few miles by camel)