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The Shocker on 'LOST' next week will make your head spin

As if we haven't been tortured and confused enough, next Tuesday's episode of ABC's 'LOST' is said to contain "The Shocker", and it's a plot twist nobody saw coming.

E! Online has learned the episode will be focused on Jin & Sun, and it is being reported that there will be a major shocker in their relationship.

Apparently the couple ARE NOT MARRIED, as we have always assumed.

In the episode preview, it was clear that The Man In Black/Fake-Locke was offering Sun a chance to see Jin again by joining him and keeping her allegiance away from Jacob/Richard and company (as well as knocking another candidate off the list).

Other facts about the next episode include Fake-Locke explaining what is needed to leave the island (presumably to kill Jacob’s replacement), a female character being marked to die next and some sort of package.

'LOST' airs every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. on ABC. There are only 8 episodes left until the series finale!

Are you a fan of 'Lost'? Does this twist surprise you or did you see it coming?


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