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The Shjo 30th anniversary: Duquesne student to participate as alumni

Shjo members on trip
Shjo members on trip

The South Hills Junior Orchestra, directed by Paul Fox, is celebrating their 30th anniversary on Sunday, June 22 by inviting alumni back to play with the current members of the orchestra. Andrew Whitt, an upright bass player and sophomore at Duquesne University and a 2010-2013 member of Shjo, is participating.
Whitt says, “To me, shjo is a chance to come back and have some fun, see how much better some of the younger kids have gotten since I left. It’s a chance to reconnect with some people I haven’t seen in a while. Shjo was and still is very important to me.”
For a music major, summer is the best time to test your skills in the real world and start to earn a reputation. “Outside of personal practice I freelance as much as possible. I am currently looking at a job playing for CCAC’s summer musical as well as filling in with some local bands. Even though I’m an ed. major, I don’t want to sacrifice the part of me that is still a performer,” Whitt says.
This youth orchestra has helped Whitt decide on a music education major at Duquesne. “Shjo helped me in two big ways. The first being musical experience. My school didn’t have a large orchestra and I had not had experience with one. Shjo gave me the opportunity to play with a large ensemble and also be a leader musically. I became a better musician by being there. Secondly, Mr. Fox showed me how to be a good teacher and role model when it came to working with young musicians. He really inspired me to peruse music ed. He is a great resource as well when you need advice. Both of those things helped greatly being a music major at Duquesne.”
The concert is at Fort Couch Middle School in Upper St. Clair and starts at 2:00 P.M.