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The Shifter’s Trail for your children

Try this book for your kids this summer.
Adam Alexander

When it is rainy or drab or your children’s friends are on vacation this summer, more than once the bet will be that you will hear something like, ‘I’m bored. I don’t have anything to do,’ even with a hundred television channels and the internet available to them. So, how about introducing them to a new middle-grade novel entitled The Shifter's Trail?

This book is the work of author and father Adam Alexander. It is his debut middle-grade novel. So far, critics really like it! Take for example this review:

"An especially skilled author, Adam Alexander is able to keep his reader's rapt attention from beginning to end, making "The Shifter's Trail" a wonderfully entertaining science fiction action/adventure novel... highly recommended..." Midwest Book Review

The Shifter’s Trail will be on bookstore shelves near you just in time for the start of summer. It will be great for your kids to have when their friends are away or to take on their own vacations and road trips! The book is for both boys and girls; sure to keep your son or daughter engaged and seeking more “me time” in order to read.

The book is right up the alley of pre-teens and teens. It will keep them wondering whether or not they would recognize an alien if one passed them on the street.

The book reads something like this:

For if the shifter's knowledge falls into the wrong hands, humanity is in for a very bad day...

If your kids are into aliens, spaceships and mysterious happenings, this book is certain to draw them in. No more boredom or complaints…until they finish and don’t have a sequel that is. Keep on the lookout – this book is about to land on book store shelves near you!

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