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The shattered Soul

Sophie's Choice
Sophie's Choice

Sophie’s Choice (1982)

One film that can perfectly portray a shattered lost soul must be Sophie’s Choice, this film is an adaptation of modernday self-loathing guilt that polish immigrant Sophie Zawistowski (Meryl Streep) had. The setting was in Brooklyn 1940s and the main character Stingo (Peter MacNicol) befriends Sophie and her lover Nahtan Landua (Kevin Klien) who was the emotionally unstable abusive lover. The film goes back and fourth to the past and present and each scene develops or gives a glimpse to Sophie’s dreadful choice which has been haunting her ever since. Nathan introduces himself as a research pharmacist; He has a radical personality and most of the time he abuses Sophie emotionally and physically. They both are destructive human beings with inner torments that each have internally which subconsciously they are attractive to each other. The three main characters start to develop a strong close relationship and Stingo starts to fall in love with Sophie. Every time he sees her get hurt by Nathan, he does not understand why she lets herself stay in an environment that can harm her to death. Until one night when Nathan turns on them both and wanted to shoot them, they both escape from him and stayed at a hotel. On that same night Sophie developed the trust or courage to speak her truths and the past that broke her into pieces for the choice she had to make. She speaks of herself as once being married, being someone’s wife and someone’s mother but all that drastically change when she was force to decide her own children’s fate. Hence, it all made sense to Stingo her broken soul could not recover from the traumatic past she had to endure and live it every day by her own consciences. Her guilt and self-loathing will never let her become happy and live a normal life. This film obviously has a tragic ending for a tragic story. Sophie was a struggling soul who was broken from the traumatic experience but her anguish was always kept a secret from others which made her own sorrows more painful and harder to recover. Meryl Streep won her first Academy Award as Best Actress.