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The Shape Silly Band Craze!


Animal Band Craze!  ZF Photography

From preschool to high school, it is the latest rage and craze on Long Island - shape bands.  It seems like a harmless fad that will not break the bank.

The legend goes, an office supply store started selling rubber bands that when not stretched out, were in the shapes of animalsKids got a hold of these and wore them as bracelets. 

Now they are packaged as bracelets and come in all sorts of shapes - dinosaurs, princesses, fish, etc.  And of course all different colors, including tie dye and glow in the dark.  Children collect them and wear their collection all at once.  They also trade with their friends.

A bag of 12 cost about $2.99.  Many stores are selling out of these shape bands fast.  There are lots of online stores selling them too.  Stores around Bayport that have them are -

Card store in King Kullen shopping center on Montauk Highway, Blue Point

Card store in Stop & Shop shopping center on Montauk Highway, Sayville

Card store in Waldbaums shopping center on Sunrise Highway, Patchogue

All 7-11 stores

Keep your eye out - they will be popping up all over the place soon as the shape band craze goes on!

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  • kelly 5 years ago

    omg i need some silly bandz

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  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    it's stupid.

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