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The Shack: Oprah as God?

Filming for "The Shack" will begin in Summer of 2014
Windblown Media

The Tracking Board and The Christian Post are reporting that Idris Elba has been offered a lead role in the film adaption of William Paul Young's best selling novel, The Shack. Unconfirmed reports also say that Oprah Winfrey is also being considered for the film.

The Shack was a surprise hit in 2011 when it was published. It tells the story of Mackenzie Allen Phillips who searches for his daughter after she has been abducted. Returning to the shack where the daughter may have been murdered, Phillips encounters three personalities who represent God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Presumably, Winfrey would play the role of an African American woman who calls herself Elousia and Papa. Elousia represents God the Father.

While the book was incredibly popular among Christians, not all people of faith embraced the message.

Norman Geisler and Bill Roach wrote at the time of the book's publication, "An underlying problem with the message of The Shack is that it uses personal experience to trump revelation. The solutions to life’s basic problems come from extra-biblical experience, not from Scripture. Non-biblical voices are given precedent over the voice of God in Scripture. These alleged “revelations” from the “Trinity” in the shack are the basis of the whole story. While biblical truth is alluded to, it is not the authoritative basis of the message. In the final analysis, it is experience that is used to interpret the Bible; it is not the Bible that is used to interpret experience. This leads to a denial of a fundamental teaching of Protestantism." [The Christian Worldview]

Dr. Albert Mohler said, "In evaluating the book, it must be kept in mind that The Shack is a work of fiction. But it is also a sustained theological argument, and this simply cannot be denied. Any number of notable novels and works of literature have contained aberrant theology, and even heresy. The crucial question is whether the aberrant doctrines are features of the story or the message of the work. When it comes to The Shack, the really troubling fact is that so many readers are drawn to the theological message of the book, and fail to see how it conflicts with the Bible at so many crucial points."

Filming is expected to begin in the summer of 2014.

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