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The Severn Group Releases New Infographic on Little Known Plumbing Facts

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For all the facts you ever wanted to know about plumbing, see the’s new fun filled infographic

The next time you call the plumber you may be able to interest him or her in some little known plumbing facts while he/she is working on your pipes. has just released a fun filled infographic containing some humorous and quite interesting factoids that will keep your plumber smiling through the workday.

Of course, you do not want to interrupt him/her too often but when you pop in to see how the job is going you could hit him/her with Arthur Baer’s humorous quote, “A plumber is an adventurer who traces leaky pipes to their source.” That should keep him/her smiling for a while or at least wondering what you meant by it.

You could pop in a little while later and show that you are very knowledgeable about the trade with something like -- Did you know that “Sir John Harington invented the flushable toilet in 1596 and that is why it is nicknamed ‘the john’.” You may also want to amaze your plumber with some historic trivia supplied in the infographic.

Some ancient names for the bathroom are listed that will surely show how intelligent you are. “The house of horror” was the name the Egyptians used to call the room where they moved their bowels or the “necessarium” as the Romans so appropriately named the room. The Israelis, always a little more serious when it comes to naming things, call the bathroom “the house of honor.”

Of course, your plumber may just tell you, “if you have to go that bad, go use your neighbor’s necessarium.” There are also many other facts displayed on the infographic provided by The Severn Group and you may want to call them if you need a plumber in the Washington DC metropolitan area.



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