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‘The Serotonin Revolution’ takes the crazy out of low-carb healthy foods

The Serotonin Revolution by Lowri Turner
Watkins Publishing Limited

The Serotonin Revolution” is the “Low-Carb Diet that Won’t Make You Crazy” written by Lowri Turner and is set to be released on April 22, 2014. Detroit Healthy Food Examiner received an advance copy to review from the publisher. The “Serotonin Revolution” is the American and Canadian version of the UK hit plan, “The S-Factor Diet,” which has helped 1000’s shed unwanted weight, happily and easily.

Turner is a British television presenter, journalist, hypnotherapist and nutritional therapist, according to her website. Her latest book, “The Serotonin Revolution” sets out to help those who need a low-carb diet but struggle with it. According to the book description, “A side-effect of most low-carb diets is to starve your body of the ‘happy’ hormones it needs to stay slim. Drawing on the latest scientific research….Turner has created a diet that balances the weight loss hero’s (serotonin, dopamine, leptin and adrenals) to get you looking good and feeling fabulous. Forget meager breakfasts, lackluster lunches and unsatisfying dinners, ‘The Serotonin Revolution’ shows you how to drop a dress size in two weeks, while still enjoying comfort meals.”

The book is full of desserts to help even the sweetest of teeth. The beginning of the book goes over the basics of serotonin, dopamine, leptin and adrenals in easy layman’s terms without getting too bogged down with the medical jargon. The book is complete with plenty of full-color healthy food photos to please those in need of visuals.

Once the science is out of the way Turner gives a complete rundown on “The Trouble with Diets,” even discussing why most low-carb dieters fail. She then goes on to give you a few questionnaires to take to find the right low-carb plan for you.

Finally someone understands that low-carb diets are not a “one size fits all” way of eating healthy foods.

In the “Serotonin Revolution” Lowri wants you to understand that you will eat plenty of protein to keep your hormones in balance. You’ll also balance your blood sugar, helping cravings. You’ll follow mostly a Low Glycemic Index diet which is perfect for PCOS sufferers and diabetics. You’ll include plenty of good fats in your diet and your even allowed a night-time to prevent binging.

Healthy food dishes include items such as blueberry pancake stacks, a yummy mixture of omelet recipes, beans for breakfast, smoked salmon, chicken and lentils, lamb burgers, hot and sour seafood soup, and pizzas. For dessert there are healthy options such as baked mocha cheesecake, apricot and oat cookies, and rainbow macaroons. Turner even gives readers a section of drinks for all cravings.

Detroit Healthy Foods opinion is that this book is great for those who struggled with a low-carb diet but need it for health reasons. It’s packed full of all the information as to why low-carb diets fail for some, along with meal plans for each type of low-carb dieter. There are no phases, technically no forbidden foods and there is a lifetime plan included. The plan leans more towards low glycemic index making it a winner for many.

Interested parties can pre-order on Amazon.

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