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The see-through trend, just in time for Valentine's Day

Leave the sheers to the curtains.
Leave the sheers to the curtains.
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It’s hard not to notice this fashion trend making its way through the pages of current women’s magazines: see-through clothes. Really. Fendi and Nina Ricci were just two of the many designers that showed sheer separates as part of their Spring 2010 collections. While they certainly painted a beautiful picture for the runways, is this really something normal women are supposed to actually wear? It’s not exactly the first time we’ve been faced with the “innerwear as outerwear” phenomenon (Madonna, anyone?) but every time it resurfaces, I always wonder, who is really wearing this stuff?


Seems like a good opportunity to repeat the sage advice of many fashion experts: know what flatters your body and don’t feel like you need to follow every trend in order to be in style. Most women count on their (opaque) clothes to do more than just cover their body, we need them to hold certain things in, highlight our best things, cover other things, the list goes on. If you are a 90-pound model, I suppose you can wear whatever you want, but newsflash designers: sheer clothing does us no favors! And as far as work-appropriateness goes, I’d say, avoid the potential lawsuit and cover up. But hey, the bedroom will always be a place where see-through clothes will be welcomed, so why not knock your honey’s socks off this Valentine’s Day?