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The Secrets Behind Great Romance and Seduction

Seduction is absolutely a learned science. Seduction methodology can be classified into 2 categories: “outer game” and “inner game.” Outer game is the pick-up artist’s techniques...all of which are rooted in social psychology. Techniques include the correct use and implementation of language and effective conversation pieces, proper intros, specific pick up lines, understanding body language and much more. Each can be learned and mastered by anyone...and quite frankly, it is fascinating and extremely fun.

Outer game informs all of the abilities of the player, but inner game allows admission into the game itself.


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“Inner game” is the other half of seduction....and a bit harder to master. It is the genuine, intransigent belief that you are “the shit.” That you are the grand prize to be won....that you are an intrinsically attractive, super valuable human being. Inner game is the power that helps you an allows you to take the woman you are pursuing.....OFF her pedestal. This super confidence is the crux of seduction. Memorizing lines (outer game) is useless if the words you use don’t echo the blunt swagger in your motion .

Inner game’s goal is to get you to truly and wholeheartedly believe that seduction is nothing more than a social game where you, the player, have been granted infinite lives and that any challenge, however difficult, can be met. Think of it as a video game with different strategy levels to which you aspire to conquer.

The roots of seductive romance come not from objectifying women. Seduction stems from the vision to equalize male sexual opportunity. There are men born without the “pretty” gene. There are plenty of men without a clue about female psychology. There are men too scared to stick a foot into the courtship dance. All of these men can, in fact, engage in a self actualization and view the rules of the game through different eyes. Seduction provides the hope that the woman that you think now is “out of your league” is, in fact, very possible to attract once you learn the rules and facets of the inner game.


1) What is the difference between pursuing a college degree to build your financial future AND pursuing your inner/outer game education to satisfy your love and romance aspirations for an amazing social life?

2) As a man, which (be completely honest) is a FAR more important skill to have as you move along through your single life?

The only difference is that we simply allow fear to stop us from committing ourselves to learning something new. Essentially, we want a guarantee that it will work first. THIS is why we fail and have continued to fail. We over analyze. We over think. The money is there. The time is there too....but the “over analysis” causes major paralysis. Instead, we take the familiar route and continue to spend our money on those things that are easy to attain AND that only bring us PERCIEVED happiness. And so the cycle continues....

Remember this: University studies show that infants smile or laugh 300 times per day. The average adult over 60 averages 2.4.

How far are you down this scale currently? When are you going to change it before you reach 2.4?


Mark Aguirre


Confidence Coach -

“a communications and body language expert specializing in the 6 month transformation of professional, motivated individuals into confident conversationalists while unveiling their powerful social dynamic skills, leadership and personal marketing abilities for the sole purpose of generating healthy and romantic relationships. “


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