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The Secret World is so Fancy from New York to Tokyo

Issue #9 The Secret World
Funcom Gmbh

Issue #9: The Black Signal is now live for subscribers and life-time members. It will be available for purchase in-game for all F2P. Subscribers and life-time members will also receive the Collector’s Edition which contains the epic Orochi Damage Inhibitor Trinket, the new Mask of Zeami, a unique Sensai title and the exclusive Japanese School Uniform outfit!

Unlike previous TSW Issues that focused on side-characters or special one-off stories, Issue #9 launches the massive Tokyo playfield and continues The Secret World’s main story quest. The story send your character to Venice before you head out to Tokyo, traveling through the fallout from the devastated subway witnessed in flashbacks during the beginning of The Secret World.

Players will find that Tokyo is a massive city full of monsters, characters, stories, locations and challenges. Plagued by ghosts, demonic mercenaries and filth ensure only the strongest characters will survive these strict quarantine areas.

In addition, the Secret World introduces the all new AEGIS system which will allow you to equip three different controllers to your weapons to deal with different types of shields. More about the AEGIS System and Issue #9 can be found on the official website.

Click here to watch an all new preview trailer of Issue #9: The Black Signal.

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