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The secret to long healthy lashes

Lash Growth
Lash Growth

Eyelashes are a vital part of your eye, they grow from the tips of the eyelids. Long eyelashes make an attractive look, which is why many women desire longer lashes. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with long and thick eyelashes. Eyelashes can be made longer with a variety of ways. If you have naturally long eyelashes there are ways you can maintain it. To grow eyelashes, you must take care of your eyes. If you try everything and do not keep your eyes clean, then you will not reap the benefits. Take off your makeup and clean your eyes before you go to bed. Sleeping with eye makeup can dry you lashes out and cause bacteria to build up. It may seem uncanny, but brushing your lashes can help you achieve fast results. There is a type of comb which can help you to brush your eyelashes. There are eyelash growth serums that help speed up the result, latisse, careprost, lash MD, just to name a few. If you opt for nature alternative try ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and castor. To see the best result, do it suggested to do it regularly. It never hurts to start from the inside, supplements like vitamin E and biotin help to stimulate lash growth from the inside out. The most common problem many people face with eyelashes are that they can fall out break off from mistreatment. Be careful when rubbing you lids, instead massage the eyelids which in return can stimulate the hair follicles which help the eyelashes grown stronger.