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The secret to Iroh's wisdom and power

Pai Sho is played by Iroh many times in Airbender series.
Pai Sho is played by Iroh many times in Airbender series.
Pai Sho image by Scaletcougar for Deviant Art

General/Uncle Iroh's wisdom and power is undeniable. He teaches everyone including adults how to be calm, strong, and nonjudgmental in the funniest, sweetest way all while being the toughest fire-bending soldier in the animation Avatar: The Last Airbender series.

Uncle Iroh
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Play the game of Pai Sho.

In the show, Iroh can be seen playing a game of Pai Sho in the oddest of times. This drives his nephew Zuko crazy. They could be trying to infiltrate a foreign land and Iroh will find the time to compete with friend or foe in Pai Sho.

What does mean to you?

If you can find time to fight, you can definitely find the time to play a strategy game. It is all in the balance of life.

Drink plenty of tea to wind down.

Adults may take on this trait more. Tea(especially those with chamomile) is very relaxing. Iroh took time out often to "get his tea on", again this upset his hot headed nephew Zuko.

What does this mean to you?

If you are a kid, you don't have to drink tea, but remind yourself that it is good to relax and rejuvenate to keep your energy. This is why Iroh never stressed out so much. How cool is that?

Don't just learn your own style. Learn others.

Iroh is a fire bender. However he has learned different styles from water benders, earth benders. and air benders, which is why he has mastered a pretty cool trick Zuko almost dies to learn.

What does this mean to you?

Learn from everyone in all cultures. Stay with what you believe to be true but a well rounded person who is knowledgeable isn't afraid to learn from those who are different and you make new friends this way too.

Wouldn't you want to be like Iroh?

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