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The secret to garnering attention when budgets are tight – Low cost PR tips

It is a fact universally acknowledged that one of the most vital factors while growing a business start-up is a competent and financially reasonable PR campaign. Although every start-up dreams of having the ability to jumpstart into paid campaigns, they’re not always a feasible option. Garnering attention of the target audience is especially tough for business start-ups when budgets are tight. Moreover, early-age start-ups usually utilize a handful of people focused on development and product. Hence, public relations and marketing are most often handled intermittently by whoever has time.

If you invest some time in meticulously studying your industry, you’ll be surprised to discover the range of low cost and effective opportunities to market your product and increase your company’s visibility. Let’s have a look at some of the lesser-known ways of obtaining media exposure that can be applicable to your PR campaign.

1. Make your product and website perfect: This advice is fairly obvious but, sadly, too many people ignore this part. Should you be promoting your business when it’s still not ready to be promoted? Speaking to people about a half-baked product or an unfinished website is not going to favour your business. In fact, it will discourage people. Thus, you should focus on the value that you provide so that it pays you back in spades. It is only when you offer great value that it will be easy to talk to people about it.

2. Inform your extended family members and friends: It is needless to mention that your friends and family care about you and they are the ones who are the happiest to see you succeed. If you have a valuable product that is ready to be promoted, your friends and family can brag about this awesome product. However, you need to remind them about it. Send them a message on Facebook or in a tweet, letting them know about the updated product or service. Send a mass mail to your friends. Make it short, sweet and polite. Include links and make sure you only send it once.

3. Embrace social media for branding and generating sales: Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting your business. The majority of the companies, nowadays, use the social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter to generate sales, establish a brand and enhance their visibility. Start hosting quiz shows or contests, drop some clues on Twitter. Your followers will send you their responses and don’t scrimp while giving away attractive gifts to the winners. In no time, you will see them turn into your faithful followers.

4. Start making yourself available: There are several PR-friendly websites where you can offer your availability to the reporters who might be searching for experts on a subject matter.

5. Get innovative: Entrepreneurs may check out websites like Outreachr where they can discover the simplest way to systematize their PR and marketing so as to locate relevant contacts within their chosen niche. You can save your precious time searching for different tools, bloggers and websites.

6. Inspire and motivate your customers: One would be surprised to know about the large number of people who simply ignore asking their customers for referrals. For a business, especially a start-up, this is a dire opportunity blown. Remember that it is only when people are happy with your services that they’ll be happy to recommend you. They may send another client over or give you an encouraging Yelp review. You can even try incentivizing them with a gift certificate; just don’t forget to thank them.

So, you have your 6 low cost ways of promoting your business. A carefully designed PR campaign costs nothing but offers you the world on a plate. Utilize the above PR strategies when you’re living on a tight budget.