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"The secret in their eyes" wins the best foreign language Oscar, snubs "A prophet"

The Secret in their eyes won the best foreign language film
The Secret in their eyes won the best foreign language film
Photo Credit: Sipoz

The Foreign language film has just become even harder to predict. The Argentinean film "The secret in their eyes" ("El secreto de sus ojos") won the best foreign language Oscar, beating out the German front-runner "The white ribbon" and the French prison film "A prophet". The German film was the favourite because it eerily depicted children in a society perfectly modeled for Fascism, but the Academy chose the mystery film "The secret in their eyes" because it represents lives as they were lived during the Peron government and followed a very Hollywood like storyline. The French film tells the story of how an Arab man rises to power in a French prison, and the film worked as both as a great social and religious commentary. "A prophet" won the BAFTA award, and "The white ribbon" won the Golden Globe, but as the committee that votes for this category are a small group who needs to see all five films and as such no matter how much campaign money goes into the films, they eventually choose the "best" ones. 

Other nominees in this category included the Israeli film "Ajami" about five intertwining stories dealing with Christianity and Muslims and the Peruvian film "The milk of sorrow" about the effects of terrorism on the psyche of the Peruvian population. When the director of "The secret in their eyes" Juan Jose Campanella thanked the Academy for letting him mingle with such great filmmakers and in the end gave a shout out to his Chilean brothers.