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The Secret Sauce: Best Practices being used by actual green entrepreneurs and businesses

 The Secret Sauce: Best Practices being used by actual green entrepreneurs and businesses  and tomorrow sustainable revenues and profits

By Bill Roth

Roth is the Green Coach for Entrepreneur Magazine. He attacks the questions he gets most often- Can you make money going green, how do you make money going green and how DO you grow green revenues.

He gives details on the economics of green and repeatedly goes over the concept of “costs less and means more”. I understand why, it’s because as a business owner, that may sound like some cute catch words. In the green world, they signify a lot and you cannot afford to ignore them.  He shares how to properly price things.  75% of people buying a hybrid do so for economic reasons, not ecology reasons. This is a different way to thinking about the green market. Need a human resources plan? He covers it. Need to engage your CFO? He covers it. Need a strategic plan? He covers that too! Most business books will tell you to get a strategic plan; however, they never give you one. Roth lays it out, easy to understand and use. Then he goes on to explain it completely. I love books that are complete and do not expect you to have a bank of knowledge you may not have.  This book is a great start to your ‘green education.


This book is a California 9!



For more info: visit Roth at
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  • Mark McLeod 4 years ago

    Dr. Wright, I could not agree with you more. Bill's book is a great tool. See also his post today on, regarding new SEC guidelines for corporate "full disclosure" of the effect of all products on the environment.



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