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The secret message your net worth is trying to tell you

Money is being talked about everywhere. From the end of tax breaks to cutting back and living frugally, people all over the world are more money conscious now than they have ever been.

What does net worth and your spiritual/emotional/mental worth have in common? More than you can imagine. 

Louise Hay states " [p]rosperity or lack of it is an outer expression of the ideas in your head."

If you believe you're worthless or lacking in some way, then your money habits and bank account statement is a telltale sign of that. If you are a collector of things and rarely let anything out of your control, then your money habits and bank account is evident of that as well.

Whether you hold on to it with all of your might or whether you spend it faster than you earn it, money is one of the fastest way for us to manifest our beliefs about ourselves.

When we feel less than or empty inside, it’s easy to go on shopping sprees and buy expensive things that occupy our time for a moment. However, once the spending high has subsided, your bank account is at zero, your credit cards are maxed out, and you feel crappier than before.

The one way to stop this madness is to stop.

Stop and listen.

The Stop and Listen Exercise

If you’re having money issues, get clear what those money issues are. Is it overspending? Is it hoarding money and not enjoying it? Is it living outside of your means? Is it making bad investments? Is it giving too much to charities, churches, and other causes? Is it depending on someone else to take care of you?

Once you’ve identified your money issues, it’s important to ask yourself why. Why am I overspending? Why am I hoarding money? Why am I choosing to live outside my means? etc.

When you get clear as to your reasoning for creating your money issue, ask yourself why again. For example, if you said that you overspend because you’re bored, ask yourself why are you bored. If the answer to that is, I don’t know, you need to ask why again. Become an annoying 3 year old that will not stop asking why until you give an answer that satisfies its young mind.

You ask why until you get to the core issue. How will you know the core issue? When you feel so vulnerable that you hope no one ever finds out this issue or if you begin wanting to weep, you’ve hit the issue.

This Stop and Listen exercise is a great to do in a journal. It may take some time, so it’s important to make sure you have no distractions while you do this.

If you want to increase your net worth, get out of debt, or just simply stop living paycheck to paycheck, you’ve gotta get clear about what your money habits are trying to tell you. Whatever is going on in the inside of you is manifesting outside of you in your relationships, your career, your emotional well-being, and in your money.

Don’t go another day being pimped by unconscious living. We're all wired to live abundantly just as we are right now. Our job is to get clear as to how we are blocking ourselves from this abundance.  


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