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The Secret Life of Food


When my Goddaughter was small, the only television her parents allowed her to watch were cooking shows. When other kids were acting out what they saw on Nick Jr., she could mimic Giada Delaurentis and The Barefoot Contessa, talking, stirring  and tasting all at the same time, in her tiny vintage apron. Now, almost ten years later, she is extremely competent in the kitchen and an excellent chef.  Her specialtiy....cookies and cake...she's still a kid after all. When I ask her what she wants for a gift, cake decorating supplies always top the list and her sophistication just keeps growing. She wants the cake transferring kit that turns photo into edible pictures on the cake. Giving her gifts is a no brainer. So far, I have given cake pans shaped like a giant cupcake, a castle, pumpkin, a Christmas tree and mini ghost. Last week, I found a book called The Secret Life of Food by Clare Crespo that is really cute. Recipes like cherry flowers and edible flip flops made out of potatoes and string beans. My Goddaughter is thrilled and at this very moment has just completed the jello aquarium to take to her class for the first day of school.