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The Secret Kingdom series is sure to convince you of magic, friendship, and fun.

What would your friends say if you found a secret kingdom?

If you enjoyed reading about The Rescue Princesses, you’ll love reading Rosie Banks’ books on the Secret Kingdom. This magical world full of friendship and fun means that Ellie, Summer, and Jasmine have adventures to save their friends within the kingdom.

Enchanted Palace

When these three pals find a magic box, they are whisked away to a fantastical land in "Enchanted Palace." In fact, they arrive just in time because the Secret Kingdom is in danger, and Ellie, Summer, and Jasmine can help. The Evil Queen Malice has hidden six nasty thunderbolts that are sure to ruin the kingdom’s special magic. Can the girls help Trixi the pixie find the first thunderbolt and save King Merry’s birthday party from Malice’s awful plans?

Unicorn Valley

In the next adventure, Queen Malice is up to her usual antics again and has hid a thunderbolt in “Unicorn Valley.” The girls must set out to find it and destroy it. If they don’t find it, their new unicorn friends may never earn their golden horns! With slimy caterpillars, storm sprites, and a slimy surprise, this is no easy task. The girls, however, are determined.

These first two books in Series 1 set the reader up for some magical adventures in Secret Kingdom. Luckily, the fun doesn’t stop , as there are four series with as many as six books per series. And the bonus? The Special Series with extra adventure, extra fun, and extra magic.

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