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Torres' second tenure as mayor begins

Paterson Mayor Joey Torres begins a third term as mayor after 4 years out of office.
Paterson Mayor Joey Torres begins a third term as mayor after 4 years out of office.

In May, a spirited and crowded contest to determine the mayor of Paterson concluded with the election of Joey Torres for another term of office. As the calendar turned to July, Torres would officially take office again

Torres served the city of Paterson from 2002-2010 before losing to Jeffrey Jones, the same man he would defeat among other challengers this year.

Before Torres officially retook the reigns of the city, Governor Chris Christie would be ushering in the second Torres tenure by swearing him in. Paterson is far from friendly territory for the governor and residents certainly let him know how they felt about him. Torres had a couple leading GOP voices in the state endorse him during his campaign and inviting Christie might have been a sign that he may be willing to look beyond top Democratic officials after they campaigned for one of his opponents.

Also before Torres would speak to the city's residents, a campaign rival and native Patersonian looked to put aside any ill feelings in order to ensure Paterson's success was put first and foremost. Congressman Bill Pascrell (D-NJ9) supported Andre Sayegh during the mayorial campaign but would soon show his commitment and support for Torres after the election and during Torres' swearing-in ceremony.

As Pascrell would state,

This should be a clarion call to bring our whole city together. Now's the time to put aside politics.

Then after Torres had taken the oath of office, he would turn to the city's residents and express;

I am grateful and moved by your vote of confidence and promise I will do everything in my power to (help) our neighborhoods.

He would continue,

People have expressed their desire for a renaissance in the city. It will not be easy at times, but we cannot accept anything but success. We can maintain the treasures we hold dear (the Paterson Falls, Hinchcliffe Stadium, and the Paterson Armory). Together we can move Paterson onward. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be your mayor once again.

He would even include Pascrell in his comments by voicing,

Making the Silk City again, Congressman, depends on us.

Thus it looks like both men have moved past any election rhetoric and are focused on Paterson's future as two men who have led the Silk City.

Torres will need allies like Pascrell as he turns to addressing issues facing the city. The first of which seems to be continued crime issues highlighted by the shooting death of 12 year old Genesis Rincon recently.

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