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The Second Date

Congratulations you went on a date with the guy you are interested in and he wants to see you again. Here is some information and tips before going on a second date.

Couple on second date

The second date is just as nervous as the first. You are still getting to know each other. Date number one he asked you out because he thinks you are pretty, date number two he sensed chemistry so he wants to see you again.

Talk more deeply but don't reveal too much information. Once again you are still getting to know him so don't blab about your past relationships. Make sure you are comfortable and get to know each other more. Find out where he grew up and what your backgrounds are like. Here is where you get a sense if you want to date him or not.

Don't pry into his personal business. Yes get to know him but don't do it to the point where you make him uncomfortable. Don't ask him if he is talking, messaging or seeing other girls. Wait until you both are comfortable to determine the relationship. Right now just enjoy the moment and at the end of the night say "this is fun we should do it again sometime," or wait for him to say it.

If all goes well and he wants to see you again then you know he likes you for you. If not then move on. The way you met this guy, you could meet another. Dating is all experience until you find the one for you. So have fun and enjoy the moment. Have a positive attitude and after the third date and he wants to see you again you may be headed towards a relationship.

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