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The Search for Youthful Skin

Cosmetic Procedure
Cosmetic Procedure
Botox Abroad

Everyone wants it, to look young and youthful, to have beautiful skin and we all want it now. Cosmetic Surgeons have become a necessity for many women and frankly men are getting in on the act as well. Having a good cosmetic surgeon is practically a required accessory these days and his talent is key but the most important requirement he/she must have is discretion. Everyone wants what these doctors have to offer but few people want to admit they have had anything done, after all, it has practically become an obsession and who wants to admit they were not born with that wrinkle free forehead that doesn't move when they frown?

Having worked in the skin care industry for over 14 years, it still amazes me when women and men come in for treatments and will claim they have never had work done on their pre-treatment questionnaire yet once the facial begins, it is clear by the scars, however well hidden, they have had work done. In my opinion, there is nothing to be ashamed of. If you want to improve something about yourself, go for it. I do not ask clients certain questions to be nosy, I ask because I need to know. If a client uses certain products and is coming in for facial waxing for example, I need to know so I do not damage their skin by using the wrong wax. If you use Retin-A and claim you don't, waxing can literally remove skin. Come on, embrace the advances in cosmetic procedures and appreciate what they can do for your looks and your self-esteem if these procedures are something that appeals to you

Here are two of the most popular, non-surgical procedures


Cometic Botox works by paralyzing/freezing the areas where frown and wrinkle lines appear. For the most detailed information, including the benefits and risks go to


Fillers work by plumping and literally filling the area where lines and wrinkles appear. It also works on areas where skin begins to sag or have the sunken look that comes with age. Fillers are also known by the names, Collagen, Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, etc. For the most detailed information, including the benefits and risks go to

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