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The search continues for Carrie Olson

The search for Carrie Olson is continuing, as she has been missing for over 2 months now. She was last seen on a surveillance video at a 7-11 in Rock Island, Illinois, pumping gas, on December 28. Just over 12 hours later, her car was seen again, at the same gas station, this time being driven by her friend, Tim McVay. But where was Carrie?

Carrie Olson has been missing for 2 months.  Where is she?
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This question continues to be valid, as she is still missing, along with several personal items, including her white iPhone 5, her laptop, and her wallet. Her purse, however, was found inside the car, which her friend had taken to Minneapolis and left parked in an airport lot for several days, while he visited Las Vegas with his girlfriend. The car was delivered to authorities upon his return.

A reward of $10,000 for information leading to Carrie's whereabouts is being offered by Per Mar Security Services and will continued to be available until April 1. Rewards being offered by Vanderginst Law and American Spirit Charities are also being extended to this date.

There have been numerous searches conducted for Carrie, all around the Quad Cities, but nothing has turned up. With the extremely cold temperatures and snowfall in the area, it's likely been difficult to be as comprehensive as searchers would have liked. Regardless of the outcome, she has to be out there somewhere.

What could have happened to Carrie Olson? Will she ever be found? Does Tim McVay have any information about what her plans had been? After all, according to him, she let him borrow her car, with her purse in it, mind you, to be gone for several days, leaving her with no vehicle, and having made no other travel arrangements. That doesn't sound fishy at all. Hopefully, law enforcement has carefully traced the steps of Tim McVay in this time frame.

Then again, it could all just be coincidence, that the stars lined up in that exact pattern, just to make him look like a suspect. If that's the case, there could be any number of people with direct knowledge about Carrie's disappearance. Hopefully these questions won't forever go unanswered.

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