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The seagulls come to Forest Hill in Newark during the winter

This seagull is looking for food in Newark, New Jersey.
This seagull is looking for food in Newark, New Jersey.
Lucy Santos

One can hear the soothing sounds of the seagulls in Newark that can remind you of a warm summer day at the shore. However, it is winter and there are still piles of snow on the ground in North Newark, but the seagulls are here. They come to Forest Hill in Newark looking for food; Newarkers who love animals feed these charming birds. Seagulls are very beneficial to the environment, for they are scavengers who eat waste that is harmful to humans and insects that are harmful to crops. In Utah seagulls eat the crickets that were destroying crops in 1847. Since seagulls helped to save the crops in Utah, the seagull is the state bird of Utah.

There are many different varieties of seagulls; the seagulls that we see in Newark are the herring gulls. They are white and gray and live near the lakes, ponds and rivers of Essex County. All seagulls, including herring gulls, have excellent vision and a remarkable memory that enables them to find their destination in stormy or foggy weather by remembering markers such as lighthouses or other familiar surroundings. Watching the seagulls glide in the sky is as graceful as watching dancers perform.

Do not let the relaxing sounds of the seagulls confuse you, for it is still winter. If you close your eyes white listening to the gulls, you can escape and envision the warm sun, the sand and the beach.