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The Scott Training System will get your mind and body into the best shape ever

James Scott is a fitness activist. His viewpoints and attitudes are refreshing and inspiring to the many people he helps train and to his friends and peers in the fitness world. Scott, a local Calgarian, grew into his role as a personal trainer and fitness advocate through his passion for life and through his love for the people around him.

"If you are married, a parent, or in a relationship with another person, you are hurting them if you don't take care of your health," quipped Scott during a short chat on the telephone. This attitude, that taking care of yourself is as important to the people around you as it is to your own well-being, is one of many notions that forms his fitness ideologies.

Working towards a goal of life-long fitness, this grateful father utilizes powerlifting and hill sprints to strengthen his body as much as he reads, meditates, and reflects to strengthen his mind and soul.

He also enjoys the importance of good nutrition and lives without drinking, smoking, staying out late and the plethora of other bad habits that prevent people from reaching their full physical potential.

This week, James Scott and will bring you some great fitness tips and advice to live by. Scott does not coddle the clients who workout with him in the Scott Training System, leading them gently by the hand into the realm of fitness. He believes in 100% effort all of the time when working out, or living life, for that matter, and sometimes people need a good shove in the right direction.

There will be no marked improvement without full effort, believes Scott, each person will have a different level of fitness, and their workouts must be tailored to that level, but they should always be performed with maximum effort to see real results.

Stay in the mix at as Scott talks about training your abs for ultimate fitness next.

Follow James on Twitter at scotttraining.


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