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The Scott Arboretum: A buzz in summer

A buzz in summer, the Scott Arboretum-slide0
Kathy Martin ( the Scott Arboretum

While Swarthmore College, the residence of the Scott Arboretum, flows at a slower pace in summer, the gardens are truly a buzz of winged energy and vibrant growth. Summer days are therefore a perfect time to visit the Scott Arboretum, while the parking is easy and there’s so much to see.

A collection of gardens

Arboretums, by their nature, are living collections to which the Scott Arboretum beautifully excels with extraordinary trees and exquisite plants, grand and small, rare and common. But it is the layout of the Scott Arboretum, into specific topic or purpose gardens, that is notable. It is essentially an arboretum of gardens. If this is your first visit to the Scott Arboretum, you might utilize the available Intro Tour by which each select garden is lettered and named to allow visitors and orderly fashion for viewing 24 collections and key areas of focus. Two hours are suggested to complete this A to X Garden Tour, however, it is just a skimming of the highlights. To truly absorb the impressive 4,000 plant collection that thrives on the Swarthmore College campus, you may just want to start at the entrance garden and take several visits and a slow pace.

A kaleidoscope of colors and textures

There is so much to enjoy and learn from the gardens of the Scott Arboretum. There are more than 300 acres to which the college campus is designed, maintained and available to inspire your garden interests. Use your camera or device to capture not just the bloom, but the name tags and what is planted near. The artistry of design, the brilliance of horticultural control, and the balance of wildly thriving and elegant restraint is all recognizable with each garden collection. In summer, the layers of blooms and textures, leaves and branches are dizzying, in a refreshing manner. Breathe in the brilliance of balance. Check out the entrance, and also the Wister Education Center and greenhouse area to identify what the Scott Arboretum is transplanting and newly growing for the summer season. There is a lot to learn from their studied focus.

The Scott Arboretum grounds are open from dawn until dusk, year-round. Summer visits are the ideal time to visit, learn, and be inspired for the revised approach in your own garden. Take the time for several visits with a close focus, or, check out the Intro Tour and delight garden by garden. The class of 1895 to which Arthur Hoyt Scott attended and this arboretum is shared is such a precious thriving resource to enjoy. These summer gardens are a buzz of growth for you to explore.

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