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The science of cheese

The cheese of France can excite any level of cheese enthusiasts!
Emily Van Ort

Cheese is a dying art. It is found either in the refrigerated section of grocery stores or it takes the shredded form in packages labeled by Kraft.

For centuries, people have indulged in an assortment of cheeses, but most varieties are unknown to many. Cheeses like Abondance, Brillat-Savarin, or Livarot have been around for centuries, but have yet to meet the taste buds of Americans. That is, until now.

France 44 offers up a wide variety of cheeses and cheese knowledge to many of their customers. Their Minneapolis shop is located right off France Avenue South and their St. Paul shop is located off of Grand Avenue near Macalester College.

Cheese lovers can decide on a cheese based on its origin. Maybe a block of cheese from Denmark or Switzerland? Or on the rennet type-animal or microbial? Many cheese buyers are most educated on the style of the cheese, from aged cow to Gouda to cheddar and even bleu!

Feeling overwhelmed with all this cheese knowledge? France 44 Cheese Shop offers a variety of classes to help cheese-ducate inspired cheese lovers. Each class focuses on a specific region of the country and incorporates a few wines from around the region studied.

For more information on cheese, cheese selections and, specials and classes, cheese enthusiasts can visit France 44’s online site or can stop by a store.

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