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The science behind Newton Shoes

Newton Shoes
Newton Shoes

Since the adoption of the standard shoe into a specific athletic shoe market, the main changes have been around enhancing the physical product. Dedicated running shoes and their related companies have been around for around 125 years. There has been no shortage of enhancements and technology breakthroughs that have sought to provide the best shoe possible. But know there’s a new trend happening. Companies are focusing their development efforts around the runner; they are starting to realize that their goal should be to make the best runner possible. Newton shoes are at the forefront of this revolution.

The history of running shoes equates to providing additional grip, manufacturing them stronger, or making them lighter. For grip, spikes have been the standard since the beginning. The only changes are using technology to make them more efficient and stronger. Manufacturing changes have varied from adjusting widths, to engineering better soles, to breathable fabrics. Of course, using technological advances to make running shoes as light as possible has always been the staple of the marketing departments.

However, now that we have all these great shoes, what about the person doing the running? What if we’re running incorrectly in really nice shoes? Newton has an answer for that.

Newton shoes have poured resources into research and design to make sure that they enhance the runner. They understand that the human body is an efficient running machine and want to strengthen that natural running motion. Instead of just having your foot hit the ground in the lightest shoe, they want to have their shoe help train your body to run as efficient as possible. They do that in the following ways.

  • The most noticeable difference is the external lugs that are under the midsole. This helps to balance and level your foot when landing, allow energy to be captured and returned to you, and helps teach your body to have a more natural stride.
  • They have action / reaction technology. Their cushioning, which wears less over time, protects your feet more from the wear and tear of running and allow you to lose less energy with each step. They describe this as a trampoline effect, where your natural stride gives energy back to you to propel you forward.
  • The shoe from back to front has minimal height difference. That means your heel and the ball of your foot are both about the same level from the ground and this supports your body’s natural running movement.
  • Their biomechanical sensor plate allows your body to get feedback from the ground so that you can adjust your running style. Your brain can then tell your muscles what to do so that you can run more efficiently.
  • For added bonus, all Newton shoes have antifriction and antibacterial technology built into the sock liner. They also are built to accommodate personal orthodics. For a benefit to nature, the outersoles and laces are from recycled materials.
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