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The Science Behind Love

Some people think that love is really complicated. It is really not that complicated at all. Some people describe love as a mystery. It's an emotion but love is not that much of a mystery.

When you are in love with someone you cannot control who it is. As the saying goes "The heart wants with the heart wants." Someone could be the opposite of your type but if you really love him you will not care.

The Science behind love is that it is more than just affection. It is about the bonding between two people. It is a feeling and it is a wonderful feeling because being in love creates better health and more happiness.

When you love someone things are different. If one of your friends cancels on you, you get disappointed but you get over it. It a guy cancels on you it could ruin your day. You feel upset and feel that you are second place to him. You feel this way because you love him and you want to matter to him.

Love is about the bonding between two people. Two people who love each other share an amazing bond with each other. They care so much about each other and if the love is strong nothing and no one could break that bond.

Love is a great feeling and it is out there for everyone. When you are in love you experience a boost of confidence and everyone could see the difference in you. It could be easier to wake up in the morning and you will get better sleep at night. You will have more energy in the day and life will just be better in general.

If you have not found the one you love yet, don't worry. When the time is right you will meet that special someone.

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