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The School Rap, Las Vegas Transplant Turns Rap Skills & Vision Into TV Show

It's not everyday a person gets to live their Dream. For rapper C.KHiD, it's a familiar reality. The viral rap star who's top 5 rap videos on YouTube have between 1 and 3 million views, has been hounding his with great success. Visiting the 'Sin City' since 2006, his big wins aren't coming from casinos. Instead, it's been from moving in permanently. Utilizing the city's greatest resources, bright lights and beautiful natural scenery and architecture. Those brilliant ideas led him to his own TV show with YouTube, The School Rap.

The School Rap Cast: Sade Reid, Rodrick Rainey, Dain August, Desiree Williams, Aaron Michael King
photo by CKHiD

"Vegas gave 'that' rich look to my videos. It made people worldwide see I'm working in places just like major label signed artists, independently. That translated into viral success and YouTube opening the doors for me to their studio space in Los Angeles," says C.KHiD of his stay in the city of Sin.

Indeed looking major, C.KHiD spend thousands of dollars with local directors, models, and actors to fund his vision with rap videos. His first video filmed in town, "Do The Hustle," has over half-a-million views today and still growing. It features the viral MC performing his catchy single on the Las Vegas Boulevard and showing multiple hustles of America's gaming capital.

C.KHiD describes the visual as a showcase of the plethora of Hustlers and Dreamers that make things happen in the city, some quite uniquely.

"Performers on The Strip, shooting craps & gambling, a gorgeous Brazilian model, bright lights, and some of the outdoor shows. My director (Mystik Films) and I felt no city was greater for the sound and concept, if you Hustle, you can make it."

Since Do The Hustle, C.KHiD's success has continued to sky rocket. Follow up videos "Yeah Girl," "New Rap Songs," and "No No" are currently gaining buzz. 'AYO,' a project shot at the shores of Lake Meade, is set to be a big single for the internet musician when ready to promote new songs of 2014.

To top that success, YouTube invited the rapper into their state of the art studio space, to direct & produce his own TV show. Titled 'The School Rap,' the first rapisode just launched and it's becoming clear the sky's the limit for this Vegas transplant who's made Sin City his 2nd home.

A show focused on the idea of typical, college student conversation, C.KHiD hopes to get at least one UNLV talent involved in the process of its growth. Currently he's acting in the show, along with directing 5 other actors and 4 crew members.

Watch the first episode of The School Rap, "The Christmas List" on

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