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The scent of traveling to a campfire: Baxter of California's Smoke Ash

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It can be hard to create a homey, comforting atmosphere in some rooms. Maybe the architecture is sterile, maybe the paint job is, too. Art is expensive. How to create a cozy mood at home or when traveling that feels like sitting by a campfire -- without the mess and searching for twigs? Baxter of California is a luxe men's lifestyle and grooming company. Founded in 1965, it "combines the best of science and nature into easy-to-use, high quality products." I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Baxter of California has several candles series; the newest of which is the "Ash Series" -- several candle scents based on different types of fire residue smells. I tried "Smoke", which had wood fire scents to my nose, plus a deep touch of the exotic. It definitely is more sophisticated that just a burned smell! Here's what they say about it:

The Ash trio of soy wax candles is inspired by the campfires of the great outdoors in the high mountains, low desert valleys and coastal beaches of California. Three distinct scents—Sweet Ash, Smoke Ash and Wood Ash—share notes of cedar, pine, sandalwood, cade and smoky ash. Smoke ash has fragrance notes of tea and light leather enhanced by smoke and cedar wood chips. (Burn time is roughly 80 hours)


Oolong Tea
Beige Suede
English Saddle Leather
Moroccan Cedarwood

It adds a masculine feel of comfort, wherever you are. It's boxed in an elegant black package with gold foil lettering, great for gifts.