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The scavengers of Milwaukee

Milwaukeeans know what the city would be like if the trash was not collected and disposed. However, there are more subtle workers that are keeping our city clean some are large and some are small. They are grouped into scavengers and decomposers.

The scavengers are usually medium sized mammals like stray dogs and cats. The wild residents like coyotes share the city with us. They not only feed on squirrels, rabbits and rats, but carrion as well and with the help of raccoons they pick the trash clean.Skunks are a rural animals that have found a home in the city. They eat insects, worms and love egg shells. It is not unusual to find them poking around a trash can looking for a fly maggot.

The Crawling Water Beetle help keep our waterways free of algae. The Snow Flea is an invasive species that eat the decomposing leaves and vegetation during the winter.

It is advised to keep a tight lid on garbage cans to keep these scavengers from making a mess instead of helping to keep Milwaukee clean.

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