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The Sampler in Bushwick is a craft beer lovers haven

Enough beer for ya?!?!
Enough beer for ya?!?!
CTSY Sampler Bk

There are some things that are classic no matter what time of year it is and beer is one such thing. Beer keeps you imbibed and cool in the summer, a great refresher in the summer and fall and hey a good beer is always fun over a warm fire in the winter. One of the best places I've found to sit down and really appreciate the finer value of beers from all over the country and world or grab a 6 pack on the go is the Sampler Bar in Bushwick, Brooklyn. (234 Starr Street right off Wyckoff Avenue. Take the L train to Jefferson Avenue)

The Sampler, located right off the L train at the Jefferson Avenue is a shrine to beer. They have over 18 beers at a given time on draft all microbrews from all over the world. This includes stouts, pilsners, IPA's, mother's milk and some other stuff I can't quite pronouce or remember in German and English.

What I enjoyed even more is that if your curious or begin to talk about beer more times than not the bartender will give a small sampling flight of a beer that they think you may like. Its an ample enough size for a good gulp or two which is just enough to pique your curiousity, which can be a pleasantly dangerous thing.

The staff is also quite a blessing for this place, as they're always pleasant and accommodating. I came in and noticed a football game, and they were like, "Hey stay to the end of the game just wanted to know if you wanted a drink." Damn that's really paying attention to a customer's vibe and demeanor and giving them a chance to be comfortable.

There's soft white walls with some local art and a soft wood cellar feel on display for the beers that they sell to the for home consumption. This feels like the beer cellar true beer aficionados which they had in their apartment or house right now. Theirs a couple of small circular tables with chairs and a small 15 foot or so U shaped bar. A little note if you want to really see some artwork there is amazing street art right outside of the door by the subway as that part of Brooklyn is turning into a secondary 5Pointz.

So there it is people, great bar, reasonable prices and good laid back vibes. Again the address is Sampler Bar 234 Starr Street right off Wyckoff Avenue. Take the L train to Jefferson Avenue.

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