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The Saga Continues

My saga of pet nail trimmers goes on. After trying the Peticure, PediPaws and a power tool, I'm still struggling. My favorite for my dog's made-of-granite nails has been the Dremmel, but now the charger has died!! It really has, too—I even had my engineer husband take a look at it and it's truly dead. So now what??

I guess I'm now in the market for another Dremmel-type tool. Frankly, I'm tired of shelling out money for replacement items! Admittedly, PetSmart provided me with the PediPaws, but it was designed for delicate nails, not the rock-hard talons of my animals. A new Dremmel is somewhere around $35. Cheaper than a new Peticure, plus it has other uses. But still, $35 is $35, and money sure isn't dropping from the skies these days!

However, I've got to do something and ignoring the problem is not an option: my fully matured dogs are looking taller since their nails are now so long they've practically curved under their paws. Taking them to the vet for trims would be great, but their nails grow too fast to make that cost effective.

Logically speaking, the thing to do is go to a home improvement store and buy a Dremmel. It's the best solution, but I still don't want to do it. I'll be thinking of my father as I peruse the aisles, reciting his popular phrase: 'They just don't make 'em like they used to'!