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‘The Safecrackers’ try to solve ‘The Case of the Jewel Runner’s Ride’

The Safecrackers Phil Crawford and Blaze
The Safecrackers Phil Crawford and Blaze
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

On last night’s Tru-TV episode of “The Safecrackers,” the pair of Alabama locksmiths, Phil Crawford and his BFF Blaze, travel the country unlocking mysteries in lost and abandoned safes.

As the episode begins, Phil is attempting to show Blaze how to open a home owner’s safe, but Phil knows that trying to teach someone “who knows everything” is very difficult. As Blaze makes it look simple, he opens the safe and finds a treasure trove of 8-track tapes. Now that Blaze has more confidence, he hopes he will be able to do some road work. In a warehouse filled with junk, the guys attempt to find a safe, left to the owner by his grandfather. As they work their way through this indoor landfill, they spot an old safe among the rubble. Phil quoted him a price of $250 for the job, but that was if it was sitting against a wall in a neat place. So Phil asks him for a 50-50 split for the contents, which he agrees to.

The safe weighs about a half of a ton, and without being able to move it, or at least stand it upright, it will be a challenge. So they constructed a rolling platform using some of the junk to move it. Once it was upright, this depression-era safe was easier to handle. As Blaze tried the first hole, it was a miss. Drilling through this safe, was not a piece of cake as Blaze tried three times for naught. When Phil took over, he only needed one shot. The customer always opens the safe, and open it he did. When it was open, they found broken glass inside, where his grandfather kept his stash. There was a piece of silver weighing about two pounds, and a huge jar filled with money and a small brown medicine bottle containing a diamond. Sweet findings were in this safe for the guys and the owner.

Their next stop was to see a car that a man bought from an estate sale that was owned by a rich old woman. When he popped the trunk, it contained a safe, not inside the trunk, but built into the car itself. Adding to the danger of this job, the fuel tank was under the safe. As they drilled as carefully as they could, it still started smoking, so they had to be careful not to set it on fire. Once it was safe to continue, Phil sent a camera inside the hole as Blaze slowly turned the dial until the safe opened. Once the owner opened the safe, with another 50-50 agreement, they found two diamond rings, the deed for the car, her passport, and evidence that she had two different guys in two different states. Not bad for an old woman and two lucrative jobs for the guys on this episode of “The Safecrackers.”