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‘The Safecrackers’ try to prove ‘The Legend of General Rucker’s Gold’

The Safecrackers Phl Crawford busy at work
The Safecrackers Phl Crawford busy at work

On last night’s Tru-TV episode of “The Safecrackers,” the pair of Alabama locksmiths, Phil Crawford and his BFF Blaze, who travel the country unlocking mysteries in lost and abandoned safes are

As the episode begins, the Phil and Blaze are in the truck on the way to the shop with a rusty old cannonball safe in the trailer. Phil learned everything he knows from his father, and wants to restore the safe and present it to his dad. But he needs help from Blaze, who is a tad reluctant to do the job because he knows what it entails. Phil promises him they will only do it during down time and not spend time away from their families to do this.

Next, the guys are on their way to an old plantation that was owned by a Civil War General named Rucker. They met with Rocky, who found an old safe from the 1900s in a shed, so he called Blaze. He and Phil made a deal, whatever is inside, they get 40% and the safe, as Rocky rejected the $450 price to open it. Phil started drilling and as white powder came out, it changed color to black. He feared that it was gunpowder and Blaze tested it to see if it ignited. It was gunpowder and when they got the safe open, they found it was a black powder kit he drilled into. Luckily, it did not explode. They found a black powder horn that was post-Civil War, but still very old. There was no money in the safe, but a map seemed to point to places where stuff was buried. Blaze was all set to dig up the land to see what was there. Phil was skeptical, but agreed to give Blaze two hours to see if his theory was correct.

As Blaze made headway on the cannonball safe, it was starting to look really nice. On the way to the land, they teased each other, like good friends can do. When they got there, Blaze started digging with a shovel, but when he found out that Rocky had a backhoe, it was a welcome relief. As he dug the first three holes, Phil was ready to pack it in, but with one more hole, it was starting to get dark. Finally, he heard a noise, that sounded like he hit metal. They dug out two 55-gallon drums that contained silver ammunition and some sweet firearms. They were not old enough to belong to General Rucker, but probably one of his ancestors and it was worth at least $10,000.

When the safe was finished, they presented it to Phil’s pop. It was painted in the colors of his favorite team, the Alabama Crimson Tide in red and white. They mounted it outside the shop, and everyone who came by, had to stop and see what an awesome safe it was. As Pop shed a tear, he praised his guys for their dedication and hard work on this episode of “The Safecrackers.”

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