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The Ryan-Murray budget deal illustrates Washington extremism

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The Washington D.C. federal budget deal brokered by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) illustrates the unreality by which the Ruling Class in our nation's capital operates along with the so-called mainstream media that “reports” the news from the same distorted view of unreality. The constant calls by the mainstream media for the politicians in Washington to just finally compromise and “work together” have finally been realized, and the product is this budget agreement, which is receiving high praise from most quarters of the so-called mainstream media. What few realize is, the old debate between the Democrats and Republicans and alleged partisanship that the mainstream media says is our real problem, isn't even really the issue. The real issue is how the Ruling Class of both parties in Washington D.C. and their supporters in the media, are truly at odds with the interests of the rest of the people in the United States, or the “Country Class” to use Dr. Angelo Codevilla's term.

The Ruling Class politicians and the inside-the-beltway media, that reports the “news” to the rest of the so-called mainstream media, live in a world that doesn't resemble anything we see in the real world. This is the world of politically and media-created fantasy that I call “unreality.” This is the world where Orwellian rhetoric is on steroids and it goes well beyond war is peace. Excessive spending is moderate and true fiscal restraint is extremism. Anyone that wants to spending federal money out of control is said to be willing to compromise while some who preaches fiscal sanity is branded well outside the “mainstream” This is the world of unreality where annual budget deficits over a $1 trillion as far as the eyes can see is “moderate” and reasonable while even a suggestion of reducing the rate of growth in federal spending is called “draconian” budget cuts.

The Ryan-Murray budget deal is the latest work of fiction in the land of unreality in Washington D.C. Let's take a look at how The Madison Project, a reasonable group of mainstream conservatives, summarizes the deal.

“Under this agreement Congress would reinstate more than half of the sequester for the next two years. Budget caps would be set at $1.012 trillion in 2014 and $1.014 trillion in 2015; current law is $967 billion and $995 billion respectively. The extra $64 billion in spending is offset with a hodgepodge of intangible, notional, or unverifiable collection of savings spread out over 10 years,” the latest newsletter of The Madison Projects says about Ryan-Murray.

The Madison Project newsletter further points out the budget deal raises taxes on airline fares, allows future tax increases by a simple 51 vote majority in the senate, repeals most of the budget cuts under the sequester, and it fully funds Obamacare. Remember when Republicans campaigned on a promise to defund Obamacare at every opportunity they had to do so?

This budget deal is the most extreme and fiscally responsible in real terms, because it locks in the gigantic growth of federal spending that began in 2009 after Barack Obama because president, and it continues Obama's gigantic and bankrupting trillion dollar annual budget deficits for as far as the eye can see. This budget deal is neither “moderate” nor is it a compromise, it's a complete sellout of the people's interests in favor of the interests of the Ruling Class in Washington D.C. to spend the people's government into bankruptcy for the interests of funding all that is desired by the Ruling Class. This budget is a giant Christmas Tree for the ruling class while it is a big screw for the Country Class.

The Ruling Class of politicians of both parties of Washington D.C. get what they want by billing their interests in ever growing Big Government and excessive deficit spending of the wealth and income of future generations as the product and result of “bipartisan” agreement between the “moderate” politicians of both parties while the interests of us, in the Country Class, in limited government, freedom, lower taxes, and government living within its means is portrayed as “extremist” and “outside the mainstream.”

The Washington Ruling Class elites, and their willing accomplices in the media, play a reverse triangulation game where the most sensible ideas in reality are the extreme, and their extravagant and lavish agenda of Big Government and Bigger spending is “reasonable” and “moderate.” How are $17 trillion in debt that we may never pay anything close to mainstream? How it is considered “moderate” to spend $1 trillion more, every year, than we take in via taxes? How is borrowing from the Chinese to pay for all this deficit spending, ultimately selling out our nation to them, considered to be a good thing? The thirteenth generation, that the media calls generation x, was the first generation to not do as well financially as their parents, and the millennial generation are the second generation to do less well financially than their parents. The next generation after them is already quite likely to be the third generation to do more poorly. How can this be good for the country, or acceptable? But the Ruling Class elite seems to have accept America being in decline and American Exceptionalism being a thing of the past.

This is how the architects of the real extremists, the likes of Senator Harry Reid and Speaker John Boehner and President Barack Obama, all progressives, claim they are mainstream as they are bankrupting the country, and the independent voice of the citizens, and the few politicians that side with them, the Tea Party movement that simple says slow down the spending a little, quit bankrupting the country, and bring back some economic policies that will grow the Middle Class again, are branded the “extremists” and “wacko birds” by the progressive corrupt politicians and their willing accomplices in the media.

If you think spending the country into bankruptcy, at $17 trillion and beyond, is a good thing, in order to have Big Government we can't afford, you may find yourself in agree with the Ruling Class elites in Washington D.C. They are the real extremists. The Ryan-Murray budget deal that gives them everything they want, is also extreme. Just a modest cut in real spending and freezing most areas of spending will balance our budget in less than a generation. That's not extreme at all, it's quite modest and moderate. It's far more moderate than what most have already done with their own household budgets. But for calling for such modest reform in government as that, Tea Party members and the rare few politicians who support that, such as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, are called extremists by those who truly are the extremists, the Ruling Class elites who have run up the trillions in debt we're currently under. And their willing accomplices in the media. They make up so-called “facts,” manipulate the news reports, and skew the polls to make unreality look real, and tell us what we really know to be true, is not true. That's how they make up the fiction that our ideas are extreme, and the insanity they come up with in Washington D.C., like the Ryan-Murray budget deal, is reasonable.

Maybe the other half of what we need is, to limit politicians in Washington (and their staff too, who would otherwise gain too much power) to just ONE or TWO terms in office, and then that has to followed by at least three or four terms in the real world before they can run for public office again. Otherwise, the politicians we have serving in office too long now are more qualified to serve a term or two in jail instead.

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