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The Russians Are Here Or Maybe Not

The Russians Are Here Or Maybe Not
The Russians Are Here Or Maybe Not

This is becoming a he said she said type of confrontation. There are reports of Russian troops in the city of Simferopol. They are masked and some say wearing Russian insignia but one cannot say for sure. The Crimean area of the Ukraine has always had leanings to mother Russia. There have been reports of Russian armored personnel carriers moving amongst the villages and cities of the area. Some of these reports are coming from acting President Oleksandr Turchynov of the Ukraine. Which let's face it is in utter disarray as we speak.

What we do know is that President Putin has ordered maneuvers for some 150,000 Russian troops in the Crimean area. There are fighter squadrons patrolling the skies. Now is this a prelude to war, who knows. Can you put it past Putin to do something stupid like invade under false pretenses, no he's stupid enough.

You know back in 1939, Hitler made up all this controversy on the Poland border before he invaded. It's easy to send people across the border and stir up the population into thinking whatever they want. Why, because most people are gullible and stupid.

Former President of the Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has finally surfaced in Russia. Who didn't see this one coming.

The best was President Obama sent a strong message to Putin warning him not to do anything stupid in this situation. Something like crossing the border and attacking Crimea. First off Obama has really done nothing in the past but talk and pass sanctions on bad countries. So really Mr. President either put up or shut up because the world knows your as a fake and a sham. Sanctions don't work and you have an idiot for a Defense Minister in that we are going to cut our line of defense to pre WWII days. Look, the world is looking and if you don't finally put a stop to all this non-sense we are going to be in way over our heads.

Putin is not going to back down because his big naval base for the Black Sea is right there and he will not put that installation in any danger. President Putin has asked parliament for permission to use Russian military in the Crimean Ukraine. So what we have here is a failure to communicate and if you idiots in both countries don't get it together. You will open the door to something you can't handle.