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The Russians Are Coming!

The Russians Are Coming!
The Russians Are Coming!

Russian flags are being raised all over the Crimea region of the Ukraine. Men wearing masks and having Russian Navy Ensigns on their clothing have taken over government buildings in Simferopol. The Simferopol Airport was also taken over for a time. What makes this even worse are the military exercises that the Russian army are holding on the border. Some 150,000 soldiers as well as fighter jets patrolling the border makes this an easy run to take over the area. Russia has always wanted to keep the Ukraine in it's sphere of influence and getting the Crimea back would be a plus.

Most of this started when former President Viktor Yanukovych turned down loans from the European Union and turned to Russia instead. This upset the pro union citizens of the country and riots started popping up all over the region but mostly in Kiev.

The Ukraine Parliament voted into power the other day, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, as it's interim Prime Minister. He is pro European Union and is in good with the United States. President Obama has already said that the United States will do anything it can to help with this situation.

President Vladimir Putin has stated that everyone should keep their noses out of the situation which usually means that Russia thinks this is there problem and they will deal with it. In other words, Putin is taking the world back to the good ole Cold War days.

For instance, Russia is coming to the aid of the Egyptians since the United States has cut off funding to the Egyptian government. Russia has it's claws into the Syrian conflict. Russia has been sending parts to Iran for it's nuclear program.

Putin is pushing outward where for years Russia just wanted to worry about itself. I guess he is feeling confident again and wants Russia in everyone's face. It's funny ever since he left his old lady Putin has been going through some sort of mid life crisis. It would be a shame that this might have a hold on what he is doing politically. I wonder if we will be seeing Putin with his shirt off now that spring is right around the corner. You know those pics of him white water rafting or climbing etc. Kind of funny since this is the same guy who before the Olympics began, proclaimed that shirtless men sent an outward message of homosexuality and would not be tolerated. Perhaps Putin fears the world might think he has gone over to the other side and has to prove his manhood. Just a thought.