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The rundown on emerging leaders in the Denver oil and gas industry


Jenny Pitkin-Emerson & Nicole Nelson giving door
prizes at the November 14, 2008 Happy Hour

I have the rundown on a group that is making waves in the Denver oil and gas industry. The Next Generation Oil & Gas Professionals group was a grass roots effort by younger professionals in the oil and gas industry to establish cross-functional relationships in a networking environment. This organization has seen tremendous participation by younger professionals made up of engineers, geophysicists, landmen (landwomen), geologists, and accountants.

April is the month of planning for some exciting networking opportunities by the group. Among other things, they are offering both softball and kickball teams for the Energy Sports League beginning this May 2009. Both seasons will last for eight weeks, and details will be announced soon. In addition, the group will be hosting a happy hour on May 6, 2009.

If you are new to the oil and gas industry and looking for ways to get involved with other young professionals, check out the Next Generation Oil & Gas Professionals web-site. This exciting new group will be the group to watch. Under the leadership of Nicole Nelson, Megan Starr, and Jenny Pitkin-Emerson it has emerged as a trendy, relevant, and successful group of motivated professionals who will prove to impact the oil and gas industry in a positive and effective manner.